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We have created an API service that provides access
to a database of company logos and related data.

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In a world where visual identity reigns supreme, the Logos API by Sixfold studio stands as your steadfast ally.

  • Access to a wide range of vectorized logos
  • Versatile and compatible formats
  • Updated and reliable database

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Corporate Logos

Unlock a world of possibilities with our robust API, providing access to vectorized logos in SVG and transparent PNG formats. From developers to designers and marketing professionals, harness the power of high-resolution logos tailored for square or circular containers.

Seamless Integration Infinite Scalability

Designed for seamless integration and scalability, our API adapts to the demands of businesses of any size. Whether through bulk deliveries via SFTP or direct access, streamline your workflow and elevate your branding efforts effortlessly.


From endpoints to authentication methods, error handling to response formats, our documentation provides everything you need to seamlessly integrate logos into your applications or websites.

  • Easily integrate our API
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Usage examples

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Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about accessing and using our logo api

01.How can I get access to the API?

To gain access to our API, please talk to us and choose your subscription. Once registered, you will receive your unique API key via email, which you can use to authenticate your API requests. We offer various plans to suit different needs, including a free trial option.

02.What formats are the logos available in?

Our logos are available in both SVG and PNG formats. SVGs are perfect for high-quality scaling on all devices and screen sizes, while PNGs are optimized for straightforward web use with transparent backgrounds.

03.Is there a limit to the number of API calls I can make?

Yes, the number of API calls you can make depends on the subscription plan you choose. Our plans offer increased limits and additional features such as advanced data requests and priority support.

04.How often is the logo database updated?

We continuously update our database to ensure accuracy and relevancy. New logos and updates to existing logos are added daily as they become available. We strive to keep the data as current as possible to meet your business needs effectively.